Why are we doing it?

"If there are only five questions in the world, never learn the answers..."
"If there are only five questions in the world, never le
Helen Burke, Poet


We love questions. All kinds of questions. But we’re not so keen on the answers!

Questions invite us to wonder together; answers seem to divide us.

So why do we need to create a whole Fellowship of Questions? Because asking questions is not so easy...

Because we think we know enough.
Because we listen only to respond.
Because we think we have all the answers.
Because we know everything.
Because the world has no mysteries anymore.
Because when we ask, it is to show we know better.
Because we are not curious anymore.
Because we are afraid to go deep in ourselves.
Because we are scared to show our vulnerabilities to others.
Because we need each other.

A question mark drawn with light.

Question some more


We love questions and we want to stay in the space of asking questions; to create a solidarity of enquiry. It’s not what you believe but what you don’t know!

And it’s not just us! Questions are popular…have a look at some of the places and ideas that have inspired us.

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