A group of ethnologists, anthropologists and artists researching audio-visual aspects of culture.

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Vizantrop is an NGO founded in January 2018 that gathers ethnologists/(visual) anthropologists, artists and activists. It is dedicated to supporting more creative research among humanities and the social sciences, as well as more anthropological perspectives in the arts.

It empowers young authors to produce work on different socio-cultural topics.  It is committed to promoting solidarity, cross cultural/disciplinary work and social engagement through workshops, public discussions, residencies,  festivals of engaged ethnographic film, and much more.

Vizantrop is also one of the founders of the socially engaged creative hub The Roof.

Who is working on the Fellowship of Questions initiative?

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Vanja Ristic is an anthropologist and cultural manager by formal education, an activist at heart, a multipotentialite by curiosity, freelance educator, and trainer concerned with social and cultural issues.

She is an amateur contemporary dancer but former professional rhythmic gymnastics competitor. Born and raised in Serbia, worked and lived in Italy, recently moved to Germany for love and new adventures.

Eternally sensitive to injustice and inequality, Vanja especially likes to work with young people and encourage new changemakers.

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