Forum Apulum

Forum Apulum is a grassroots civic non-profit organisation from Alba Iulia, a small town in Transylvania, Romania, focused on empowering the next generation of community leaders, of different ages around the country.

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The organisation promotes critical thinking, media literacy and an artistic approach to civic education through workshops, mentorship, events of various kinds, and projects which use history as a civic education tool. Currently more than 100 teenagers are involved in mentorship programs and also in creating a podcast series about activists and a national magazine made by teenagers in Romanian and French.

Forum Apulum organises media literacy workshops for teens and teachers, monitors the online disinformation process together with the European Commission representatives in Romania, and are working closely with teachers all around the country in workshops meant to help them curate better the information about the uncomfortable history of Romania.

Who is working on the Fellowship of Questions initiative?

A photograph of Diana Filimon

Diana Filimon has a background in PR.  Three years ago she felt that the speed with which democracy in Romania was deteriorating was unbearable and she had an obligation to get involved in a grassroots movement which would help the communities to get organised and stand up against the growing wave of populism.

The NGO created by Diana and a group of people from the community, has grown beyond their dreams and from a small local initiative it has become a nationally relevant association.

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