El Warcha

El Warcha means workshop in Arabic

A bicycle pulling a trailer of art

El Warcha is a collective and maker-space founded in 2016 in the medina of Tunis, Tunisia. It aims to promote hands-on education and civic actions through the making of temporary urban furniture and art installations with local inhabitants.

In 2018 the project established itself in Tottenham, north London. Working in two shelter homes, Lowry House and Clements House, the workshop focuses on creating furniture and art installations with local residents. Every week we explore new techniques and share skills. Our approach focuses on producing everyday and domestic objects.

El Warcha Lisboa was founded in the summer of 2020, during the Covid outbreak. The workshop responds to the necessity of people wanting to express themselves and explore their potentials using creative tools. We are working at the moment with people that were in a homeless situation, local community and artists.

El Warcha is also currently working towards developing a space in Nefta and Davis, California, where some members of the collective are now based.

Who is working on the Fellowship of Questions initiative?

A photograph of Inês Marques

Inês Marques has been working in the field of social and participatory design for 5 years. Experience in managing educational projects and leading workshops on critical design, design and innovation. Her work focuses on finding solutions to issues such as social inclusion, interaction and social benefit in the public and private sector. She has a Master's Degree in Material Futures from the University of Central Saint Martins in London, and experience as a mentor and designer.

Inês is a co-founder of the El Warcha London and Lisbon project, a collaborative design studio that works with different generations, from teenagers to the elderly, generating weekly free design and art activities, bringing together locals, using public and private spaces as workshops and shelters homes, making them an open resource to the local community.

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