A question of arts and activism

In 2022, a group of 25 artists and activists were brought together in Leeds, England at the start of a programme of training and coaching, coordinated by UNION: The Northern School of Creativity and Activism.

The Course had no fixed syllabus, rather the group were invited to pose the questions that they would like to consider during their year on the programme.

The 74 questions they came up with were the start of determining a co-created syllabus. Whilst some questions were grouped and became themes of enquiry for the whole group, like wellbeing or ethics...

Where is my balance between giving and receiving, between taking and gifting?
How do I retain my creative purpose and NOT appropriate others stories and experiences?

Other questions were more personal to the individual participant and would be taken up in the individual coaching sessions during the year...

How do I create a community venue in the city, based on shared values and philosophy rather than local neighbourhood?

At the end of the year's work the group were asked about how well the course fitted their needs and what they would keep going forward:

I like that we created the journey and how the questions led us to discover our shared interests and learning

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