What Next?

Tai chi round the world

We've been through a global pandemic, we are witnessing an ongoing war, and the dark clouds of inflation and recession are looming over everyone.

So what next? Do we dare to hope or, indeed, is the only way forward to hope? Do we need to brace ourselves for yet another difficult winter or do we take one day at a time, taking time to care for our troubled souls? We want to ask of you not answers, but questions. What questions haunt you, what questions give you hope or make you dream?

Each month we will gather questions from different people from more than 12 countries around the world. You can call it group therapy through questions, or a practical or philosophical discussion (or both) with people of different ages, sexual orientations, genders, locations, and states of mind.

What do you have to do? Each month we will give you a starting point, a theme or indeed a question. And we ask you to respond with your own question (from October until December). Each month it might be in a different form: either written, audio, or video—we will let you know, but we will give space for whatever form is comfortable for you as well.

We will gather all the questions and share them on Miro and our social platforms with you and the whole world.

This month we start with the name of the initiative.

So...what next?

Tell us your question.

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