Culture over Coffee

A board of thoughts and questions

The Fellowship of Questions were really pleased to be awarded a small grant as part of the Culture over Coffee initiative. The funds come from the Asia-Europe Foundation and Cambodian Living Arts to support small gatherings of cultural workers to connect, exchange and learn.

We decided to use a line from a poem called Green Piano by an English poet Helen Burke:

‘If there are only five questions in the world, never learn the answers...’

So at the end of October we brought together our team from the UK, Germany, Serbia, Portugal, and Romania to have an online coffee with artists from Korea and the Philippines. We discussed our work and ideas for what we might be able to collaborate on in the future.

And of course questions.

So what didn’t we want to know? Well mostly things about our own future, but as well our past and present…

What would it be if I had made a different choice?

Am I doing the right thing in the right place?

What is my future?

Good to think about maybe, but you were right Helen—never learn the answers!

A passage from a book, entitle The Green Piano

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