The more question marks, the more fun…

Dami Choi, from our Fellowship partner organisation Oyoun in Berlin, recently came across a great Korean website that simply encourages people to exchange questions. Newneek explains:

“How barren would a world without curiosity be? By sharing curiosity, we can understand each other better and grow”

Thousands of people have shared their questions and become fully fledged Newnikers. Here’s a random selection:

What would life be like without coffee and music?

What makes a good politician?

What does it mean to become an adult?

Why do hate and conflict persist?

Are unicorns real?

And Newneek don’t think anybody needs any answers! We are certainly going to be in touch to see if we can link up Newneek with the Fellowship of Questions...

You can see more at (the site is in Korean so you may need to ask google to translate)