Residencies with no answers

Three of the Fellowship of Questions partners have been successful in their bids to funding from i-Portunus —the EU’s mobility scheme for artists, cultural professionals and hosts!

The three partners (Heads Together in the UK, Forum Apulum in Romania, and El Warcha in Portugal) put together a coordinated scheme which means that each organisation will host two young cultural workers, one from each of the other countries.

The three-way collaboration will take place in May 2022 and will link to the general Fellowship of Questions theme; so the residencies will have no answers!

Lucian Barbu, one of the young artists from Romania, explains his feelings about the project:

“I am looking forward to take part in this exchange because I want to expand my level of practice from a cultural point of view. Seeing how art is made in different cultures would really help me enrich my own artistic work, making it universally relevant.”

The six artists will start planning their collaborations in January...more news soon.

Art work from one of the UK artists—Hannah Whitlow