How are we doing it?


Have you ever had the freedom to ask what you really wanted to ask? Or to ask your question and not know who might respond? Is that a good thing? Would you ask something personal or would your priority by the political or the philosophical?

Having developed the initial idea and set our ambition to be a digital platform, we also knew that we wanted to work with people all over Europe to see what they did with the idea, whether it would make any sense, or just be frustrating.

Questions for the World

One of the first FoQ sessions we ran in the UK was with a group of young people who volunteer with Chapel FM Arts Centre on their community radio course. It was right in the middle of the pandemic so it was an online session and we used the online whiteboard tool Miro, to record our discussions and ideas.

We talked about questions and what makes a good question; obviously important to this group as they were learning about how to host a radio interview. Then the group gave it a go by working on some Good, Bad and Ugly questions (the definition of ugly was a question that, if you asked it in a radio interview they might just storm out of the studio in disgust!)

And finally they individually suggested some ‘Questions for the World’; ideas that they might like to throw out for just about anyone to respond to. The group finally voted on which question they preferred…

"What did you forget to do last year?"

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